Centre for Philosophy of Time

Department of Philosophy Università degli Studi di Milano

The Centre for Philosophy of Time (CPT) aims at advertising and promoting activities in the philosophy of time in Europe, by gathering professors, researchers and students in analytic philosophy who work on time-related subjects. The main goal of the CPT is to facilitate mutual collaboration in common projects and to foster the circulation of the results. To that effect, the CPT collaborates with the Philosophy of Time Society (PTS), and the Centre for Time (CT) as part of the International Association for the Philosophy of Time (IAPT).

“Ontology of biology” research group studies the entities, processes, and mechanisms countenanced by the principal theories within the life sciences. On the one hand, the ontology of biology intersects scientific knowledge and metaphysical inquiry, aiming to put forward or refine theoretical conceptions of life, species, natural kinds, sexes, evolution, cultural evolution, natural selection, development, and their possible “ultimate nature”. On the other hand, the ontology of biology purports to explore the interaction between such theoretical conceptions and society, seeking to frame debates concerning issues such as the biodiversity crisis, genetically modified organisms, food diversity, genetic determinism, the relation between sex and gender.